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Outsourcing is the long-term and effective solution!

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  1. Quality control in the event of non-conformity of parts, products, whether visual, gauge or measuring instrument inspection


  • Incoming parts inspection: increasingly complex manufacturing processes require support to ensure the right quality of components/materials. This service ensures that defective / noncompliant products supplied by suppliers are detected before they enter the production process. With our permanent presence on site, we guarantee to start the product selection process with almost "0" response time, i.e., immediate reaction, but if we do not have a permanent presence in your plant, we can offer you a longer response time but the same expertise. With this type of service, we contact the supplier directly on your behalf to handle both the specification and invoicing, taking the burden off your shoulders. Our team members can support supplier cooperation by communicating in English, German, Serbian, Ukrainian.


  • Final check: At the end of the production process, a 100% inspection of all the pieces of the manufactured batch, according to the requirements, before delivery to the customer. With this service, you can avoid any occasional customer complaint or stop a recurring series of complaints. Depending on the problem encountered, this type of inspection can test 1 or more product parameters.


  • Firewall inspection: This service may be needed if the quality problem has already escalated. To reassure the customer, you may want to consider setting up a firewall inspection, but it may also be that the customer obliges your company to implement this measure. In such situations, we not only perform the inspection, but also support our clients in building and launching the firewall properly. We work closely with you in multiple meetings, regardless of the type of firewall – CSL1 - 2, OEM-specific –, we record the product information and share our experience to develop an effective method together. Our common goal is to convince your customer that the problem will be eliminated.


  • Repair, rework: In addition to the abovementioned inspection services, we offer post-production activities under the guidance of our managers with a wide range of expertise, aimed at improving/working the product to a saleable state. This activity can significantly reduce scrap costs, as well as operating costs by freeing up internal capacity. This includes everything from the simplest cleaning (rust removal) through drilling, cutting, thread repair activities to pipeline insulation and grading. Our experience includes machining metal, rubber, plastic and glass parts.
  1. Assembly

In our assembly service, we assemble parts according to the customer's drawing, using mechanical or electronic methods, in compliance with quality requirements. We can provide these assembly activities directly on your site or in our own facilities. Our company is well equipped with general tools and equipment, but we can also provide special tools on request. Furthermore, all assembly is completed with a final inspection.

  1. Engineering services
  • Quality/process engineer support: Within the framework of this service, we provide experienced engineers with the following tasks for a given project, which requires expertise, not tools:
  • Supplier management. Validation of new suppliers, improvement of existing ones and support for new product launches (PPAP, APQP)
  • Finding the root causes of manufacturing problems with powerful problem-solving tools like 8D or 5 Why?
  • Developing new controll methods using FMEA, QRQC. 
  • Follow-up of a previously implemented measures e.g.: sorting, supervision, monitoring of suspicious stock,
  • System/process failure detection with the implementation of SPC cards.

A good solution for all these is to include an external objective eye.

  1. Logistics services
  • Packaging / repackaging: As globalisation has brought with it a wide variety of products and goods from many different sources, we know that in many cases products arriving from abroad/overseas in different packaging are not suitable for immediate use or proper storage, or even arrive damaged. To achieve more efficient stackability and manageability, we provide repackaging services at our customers' premises and warehouses. Whether it is breaking down a container unit into smaller boxes or repackaging cardboard packaging into plastic, we can support you without the need to increase your own capacity. As a subprocess – which is, however, not negligible for identification and traceability – we also do the labelling, of course.



  • Orderpicking: We can provide this service to our customers not only for the long term, but also to meet periodic or seasonal increases in customer demand. Outsourcing this type of activity can bring shortterm returns and efficiencies.
  1. Other category
  • Cleaning (industrial, office, hotel)

Office cleaning, daily and occasional or seasonal cleaning for public buildings. We provide full and quality cleaning of properties, both regular and occasional.
When carrying out the tasks we undertake, it is essential to do impeccable work, to be polite, courteous and to meet high standards.

  • Call centre

We offer full-service call centre operations, where we provide the right people with the right skills and we run the entire service. We are fully committed to ensuring the quality of call centre operations, meeting requirements and managing staff turnover.


Our strengths


We understand how important quality is for your business. We develop our services based on your business needs and ensure a seamless integration. Our people provide excellent customer service at all levels and our management support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have extensive knowledge and years of experience working in your industry. We work with OEM and Tier 1 suppliers and have successfully completed a number of complex rework and repair projects, both at supplier facilities and off-site. We are experienced in control processes and auditing, supported by 8D problem-solving techniques.


Through our strategic partnerships, we have guaranteed staffing solutions that ensure the staff needed to get the job done, all over the country.

  • Recruitment – Human Labor Quality finds the right people for the right positions for both its own staff and for its Clients.
  • Our professionals – The company has a permanent team of knowledgeable, handson professionals, led by an experienced management team with a client-focused approach.
  • Standardised processes and service levels – ISOcertified, reliable management systems and appropriate technical capabilities ensure service quality.
  • Realtime data analysis – We place an emphasis on our measurement systems, so we support flawless processes with extensive analysis and reporting, allowing us to implement immediate corrective actions/interventions when needed.
  • 24/7 support – Our priority is to monitor processes on an ongoing basis, and we have integrated consistent service levels and local contact points into our operations.
  • Working with a strategic partner – With a national network of offices and over 30 years of providing complex HR services, our partner is a major strength.


We understand that quality is of paramount importance to you, and we are able to provide it to you as our business partner!